Laura Lord

Director of Operations

Laura helps AERCs patients start their therapeutic journey.

Laura Lord is the Director of Operations at AERCs and Intake Coordinator for all three AERCs clinics. She has been active in the mental health field for many years, aiding clients in finding a therapist, and in booking their first therapy sessions, and in being available for questions throughout the duration of their therapeutic journeys.

Laura is an eager student at the University of Waterloo where she’s working towards her master’s degree in social work. She thrives in her role as the first point of contact at AERCs where she greets patients who first call and reach out for help. She answers their questions masterfully and navigates the landscape of their lives to best understand their needs, and to book an appointment with the most applicable therapist on our team.

Laura is almost always available for clients to talk to throughout their therapy regime. She’s a phone call away should anyone require more assistance or information understanding the services offered by AERCs personnel. She’s also available to help with any type of administrative support or legal paperwork our patients may require.

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