Nazeema Kassam

Registered Social Worker and an accredited Family Mediator

Nazeema helps her clients crack depression.

Nazeema Kassam is a Registered Social Worker and an accredited family mediator with the Ontario Association of Family Mediation. She holds a Masters of Social Work degree from Columbia University in New York.

Nazeema has fifteen years of social work experience in various clinical settings. Her resume includes service at healthcare facilities, schools, rehabilitation clinics, community organizations, and her own private practice and multi-disciplinary clinics. As a clinical social worker, she uses many different modalities when providing counselling to individuals and couples. Her tool kit includes: cognitive-behavioral, emotional focused therapy, mindfulness, Gottman couples counselling, narrative and solution-focused approaches.

Additionally, she has worked in the motor vehicle sector, conducting social work assessment, providing case management services, counselling, and life skills training to patients who sustained catastrophic injuries, and have mental health issues.

Finally, she’s a clinician with extensive experience working with family separations, divorce, and mental health counselling. She provides mediation services to couples and families who are going through a separation or divorce.

Nazeema Kassam works with individuals, couples, and families to meet their goals and to overcome the barriers preventing them from living healthier lives. Nazeema believes in empowering and drawing-on the positivity from one’s life.

Nazeema makes a safe environment.

Nazeema’s experience in various roles has given her the opportunity to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds and to recognize and respect people of different origins with very different life experiences. Nazeema remains committed in her therapeutic practice to fostering a safe environment which promotes equality, inclusion, and diversity. It’s her foremost objective to make a safe space where people feel liberated and are free to explore their vulnerabilities and emotional burdens.

Nazeema promotes honesty and trust.

Nazeema believes emotional honesty is key to owning our stories and being able to verbalize the impact of our lived experiences. Learning to accept how we feel can empower us and show us how to feel better. Nazeema empowers her clients to make courageous decisions by finding hope, healing, and change.

Nazeema works to meet her clients where they are, fostering a relationship that allows for the creation of a deep connection and collaborative space where possibilities can be explored, and change can happen.

Gottman Relationship Checkup Approved Member
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