Patricia Sebbag

Registered Social Worker

Patricia specializes in anger management.

Patricia Sebbag is a social worker with over two decades experience counseling individuals, couples, families, and groups. Patricia has worked with clients in acute health care settings and individuals in long-term care. She graduated with both a Bachelor and Master of Social Work from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and is a social worker in good standing with the Ontario College of Registered Social Workers and Social Service Workers, and with the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

Patricia has assisted clients who have experienced challenges with depression, anxiety, work changes, immigration, palliative care, loss and grief, chronic pain management, family and relationship conflicts, stress management, and trauma. She has worked extensively with people suffering from anxiety and those managing chronic pain.

Patricia’s training and professional development is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Based Practice, and Motivational Interviewing Techniques. She has experience working in acute care hospitals (inpatient and outpatient services) and long-term care assisting patients and helping families recover from major life changes due to sudden illness or a parent or sibling with chronic health challenges.

Client focused therapy yields measurable results.

Patricia offers a client-centered counselling that’s focused on helping individuals achieve their stated goals. Her practice of Goal Setting helps highlight and promote her patients’ motivation and any success, however small builds self-esteem. Patricia is dedicated to helping clients recognize their strengths and use them to gain confidence and self-awareness as they strive to achieve positive results and happiness.

Patients respond better to therapists who are caring and empathetic.

Patricia demonstrates kindness, empathy, support, and collaboration and is respectful of clients’ choices because she believes everyone is responsible for what happens to them in their own lives. Patricia helps empower people to make the necessary hard choices for themselves, while pointing out the positive impacts that helping yourself will have on others. Ultimately, Patricia’s goal is to help clients feel empowered and improve their emotional well-being.

Patricia works to create a safe environment for therapy.

Patricia believes in creating a safe space where clients are encouraged to share their personal thoughts – she has had many opportunities to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds and feels it’s important to recognize and respect our differences. She works to establish a safe environment which promotes equality, inclusion, and diversity. Patricia aims to foster a therapeutic space where clients feel safe unpacking their emotional burdens.

Patricia Seebag is passionate about her work and demonstrates warmth, energy, and an unyielding interest in her clients’ well-being. She draws from her own life experiences as well as her clinical training to help validate clients’ concerns and challenges. She’s down to earth, practical, and focused on achieving results.

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