AERCs to make Webinars for the Academy of Online Learning in Mississauga

by | Jul 17, 2023

BREAKING NEWS – Throughout the summer of 2023, our esteemed director Gloria Segovia is hosting and recording webinars for the Academy of Online Learning in Mississauga. Gloria has agreed to make six separate video documents exploring issues related to metal health and wellness for AOL’s staff and students.

For those who don’t know, webinars are web based seminars and they’re among the most efficient way to disseminate information to large groups of people. The format offers numerous advantages over traditional teaching methods because the media is so accessible. Unlike professionally produced educational videos, a typical webinar begins as a live presented live, with no editor, and the speaker performs on-the-fly, interacting with the audience in real time. Once it ends, having been recorded, it can be reviewed indefinitely. The webinar format is easy to use, cost effective, and collects its own data with regards its usability. It’s with these advantages in mind that AERCs Founder and Director, Gloria Segovia has decided to partner with the Academy of Online Learning in Mississauga to record webinars on their behalf.

Gloria teaches CSW program at the Academy in Mississauga

Gloria Segovia taught the CSW Program at the Academy of Online Learning in Mississauga in the early 2000’s

Gloria Segovia, MSW RSW, RP (Registered Social Worker and Registered Psychotherapist) has over fifteen years experience working in education and hospital sectors as well as in her own private practice. In the early 2000’s, Gloria herself taught the CSW (Community Service Worker) program at AOL Mississauga. Twenty three years later, she and Sunita Vyas, the Program Director here at the school, are working together again for the benefit of AOL students and their respective communities. Over the summer, and into the fall of 2023, Gloria will be releasing six videos to share her knowledge and experience of psychotherapy as it pertains to Public Service Workers, PSWs and CSWs in the workplace.

Laura Lord and Gloria Segovia reviewing the details at AOL Mississauga

Gloria Segovia, on the right, reviews the details of the partnership agreement at the Academy of Online Learning.

These videos will be approximately thirty minutes in length and cover a variety of topics within the mental health sector including how to recognize mental health needs and common therapeutic approaches to presenting issues and diagnoses. Beginning in Summer 2023, Gloria’s information-rich uploads will be released monthly and be accessible through the Academy of Learning’s web and social media platforms. An academic and professional partnership between AOL Mississauga East with AERCs Therapy is what their knowledge-hungry students most appreciate because it provides real world experience and shares insight into what students can expect in their own practices and soon-to-be professional careers.

Academy of Learning is Located close to AERCs Mississauga

Gloria won’t have to travel too far to visit the Academy of Online Learning, as their school is located relatively close to AERCs Therapy Mississauga which is in the Queensway Medical Center at 89 Queensway W.  AOL is just around the corner on Dixie Ave.

Gloria Segovia at the Academy of Online Learning in Mississauga

Gloria Segovia at the Academy of Online Learning in Mississauga

Gloria would like to give back to the AOL community by providing six helpful webinars aimed at addressing many mental health concerns as they pertain to the CSW program. This will help students see the real-world applications of the theories and procedures they have learned from textbooks. Gloria will also share her own personal experience as an immigrant to Canada, to ease the burden of such an emotional journey for foreign students and those from other more diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Gloria Segovia with Sunita Vyas, the Program Director

Gloria Segovia with Sunita Vyas (on the right), the Program Director at the Academy of Online Learning in Mississauga

Community service workers play an important role in Canadian society. They administer and implement a variety of social assistance programs and community services to people experiencing extraordinary challenges. They help clients address personal and social problems and make lifelong friendships. They’re employed by social service and government agencies, mental health agencies, group homes, shelters, substance abuse centers, school boards, prisons, and other establishments

In addition to our online webinar series, AERCs Therapy will be available to provide counselling to staff and students at AOL locations across the province, remotely, and in-person at our Mississauga, Toronto and Orangeville facilities. AERCs Therapy Mississauga will also become a possible student placement location for students and graduates of the CSW program.

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