FAQs about Psychotherapy

What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapist is a term used to describe any professional who helps treat patients with emotional concerns, and related mental disorders.  Psychotherapists may also be psychologists or even psychiatrists or any other mental health professional who has specialist training in psychotherapy. Increasingly, there are a number of psychotherapists who do not have backgrounds in the above fields, but who have undertaken in-depth training in mental health therapies. Psychotherapists are specifically trained in communication and interpersonal skills, mental health diagnoses, theories and practice of counseling, ethical standards, multiculturalism, and more.

Is psychotherapy covered by health insurance?

That depends on your health insurance coverage. Your policy may list specific mental health providers who are covered or may only cover certain types of services. Check ahead of time with your insurance company to find out what types of mental health services are covered and what your benefit limits are.

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