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Play Therapy

We offer play therapy, especially for children, to express feelings in a safe space, enhancing emotional awareness and building resilience and confidence.

Express Feelings Safely

Boosts Emotional Awareness

Builds Resilience Confidently

Tailored Child-Focused Approach

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Are you ready to take the first step towards a brighter future? At AERCS, we're here to support you on your path to well-being. Our complimentary intake call is your opportunity to connect with us, confidentially share your journey, and discover the transformative support we offer. By taking this call, you're not just talking; you're taking control of your well-being, paving the way for tailored therapy that can change your life. Don't wait—book your call today and embrace the healing journey that awaits you.

AERCS’ certified counsellors help children address their play therapy challenges.

AERCS’ staff includes registered counsellors, psychotherapists, and certified social workers, helping couples with:

  • Enhancing Emotional Awareness
  • Providing a Safe Space for Self-Expression
  • Utilizing Play as a Communication Medium
  • Teaching Mindfulness Techniques
  • Promoting Positive Thinking
  • Building resilience in children
  • Addressing Fundamental Needs
  • Tailored Counseling to Individual Needs
  • Strengthening parent-child relationships
  • Boosting creative self-expression

AERCS offers a dynamic interpersonal relationship between a child (or person of any age) a therapist and an RECE in the therapeutic space with the aim of helping the child (or person of any age) develop emotional awareness, safety in fully expressing and exploring self (feelings, thoughts, experiences, and behaviors) through play, the child’s natural medium of communication, for optimal growth an development.

Social skills training teaches mindfulness, positive thinking, and emotional reflection to help children build their resilience. AERCs specializes in helping children find their passions, and focus on their strengths to build self-confidence. We ensure that each child’s fundamental needs are being seen-to and they’re being heard and their expectations are being met. We practice self-regulation together; we identify feelings and utilize breathing strategies.

Our centre is designed to feel like home. We provide tools and a safe place to process and understand complex emotions. We’re committed to helping as many children as we can because studies show that seventy percent of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence. We have a tendency to think our children are doing just fine, even when they may be suffering. 

A child enjoying play therapy.

Do My Child Need Play Therapy?

Are you curious about whether AERCS could be the right solution for your child? Take this short, quick and insightful quiz to uncover your child's needs and discover how AERCS can make a positive impact in the life of your child. The journey to play therapy starts here!

Is my child bed-wetting or thumb-sucking or regressing in some way?

Is my child having difficulty adjusting to a new school, home, or family situation?

Has my child recently experienced a traumatic event or significant loss?

Is he or she exhibiting aggressive or disruptive behavior at home or at school?

Is he or she having difficulty expressing their emotions normally or communicating well?

Social Skills Training.


While there’s no perfect way to parent, there are ways AERCS can help mitigate the risk of mental health problems in our children and adolescents. Book an appointment today and we’ll design your child’s play-based therapy session based on their individual needs. When we play together, children are in their most comfortable element, and they feel like they’re safe and can trust us. This gives them the confidence to be vulnerable and express themselves more completely.

Each session will be with a Therapist (MSW, CRPO) and assisted by Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) to help your child to feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Expert Play Therapy in Toronto.

AERCS play therapy in Toronto is a type of treatment that focuses on children. Because kids may not be able to analyze their feelings or express problems to their significant adults, this is a concern. While it may appear to be just another game, our play therapy for Toronto people may be much more.

Playing time could be used by a skilled therapist to monitor and acquire insight into the child’s problems. Next, the therapist may assist the child in discovering emotions and coping with underlying trauma. Learners can understand new coping methods as well as how to redirect undesirable behaviors through play.

Our play therapists pay special attention to how a kid reacts when removed from his or her parent, how kids play individually, and how they behave when the caregiver returns. How a youngster engages with various sorts of toys and how they evolve from session to session can reveal a lot. They may use play to express their concerns and anxieties, as a calming tool, or to heal and resolve issues.

Perfect Child Support by Our Play Therapy Program.

Our children’s play therapy program is similar to adult conversation therapy. Play is an integral element of a children’s future and is a typical part of childhood. When youngsters are unable to find the right words to convey their thoughts, AERCS therapists utilize play therapy programs to assist them to explain what is bothering them. Toys are just like the child’s language in play therapy and playing is the kid’s language. During our play therapy program sessions, the therapist and child create a pleasant and trusting relationship, which provides a secure emotional experience that is important for healing.

Our expert therapists can use play to help children acquire more helpful actions, comprehend their emotions, and get insight into resolving internal issues. Children are taught self-control, consciousness, how to share their emotions, problem-solving, communication skills, and how to adjust problem behaviors through our play therapy programs. The play therapy program at AERCS is good for children from 3 to 11 years old and can be used to deal with all kinds of concerns.

AERCS Play Therapy Program in Toronto.

AERCS Play Therapy program is psychotherapy that involves using play to discover and resolve psychological issues. That can be used on its own or in combination with other treatments and drugs, especially with children.

Play therapy programs at AERCS usually last 30 to 60 minutes and occur once or twice a week. The number of sessions required is determined by the child’s response to this sort of therapy. This therapy can be done one-on-one or in groups.

There are two types of Toronto play therapy programs designed at AERCS: directed and nondirective. In the direct technique, our therapist will take the lead in the directed approach by suggesting the toys or activities that can be used in the lesson. With a specific purpose in mind, the therapist will direct the play.

The non-directive technique is less organized than the directive approach. The child is free to choose whichever toys and games they choose. They’re able to play how they like, with few rules or interruptions. The therapist will keep a close eye on things and participate as needed.

AERCS Play Therapy Manual.

Are you a busy parent who wants to ensure that your child has the tools to handle tough challenges and navigate the ups and downs of life? Download the AERCs Play Therapy Manual. Based on our philosophy that people are products of complex systems, our manual provides a comprehensive guide to supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing. With our strengths-based and empowerment-focused approach, we work with both children and their families to build resilience, cope with stress, and thrive. Download our manual today and give your child the gift of a positive quality of life.

Play Therapy North York for Guaranteed Healing.

Play therapy North York at AERCS renders a variety of therapeutic approaches that include play as a strategy. Your child’s therapist acts as a facilitator, allowing them to work independently, think about their problems, and be concerned to find answers. Our play therapy in North York’s purpose is to create a psychological barrier between your child and their troubles, allowing them to feel comfortable. 

Whenever it comes to using play in a therapy context, the activities are more structured and have an aim. Play helps a counselor to build on your child’s existing core active learning while also making them feel at ease. 

If you’ve ever witnessed a child’s tantrum, you realize that even young kids are capable of expressing strong emotions. However, their ability to express how they think and what they require has not yet caught up with their comprehension. Our Play therapy North York allows people to express themselves without having to use words if something is troubling them.

Toys are items that your child employs in place of language during play therapy. Your children’s therapist can help your youngster discover social and emotional weaknesses and learn how to adjust to new surroundings. AERCS Play therapy in North York is frequently used as a remedial experience for your child, counteracting something that is upsetting them and allowing them to heal.

Download your free copy of the AERCS Play Therapy Program.

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