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5 Fun Activities to Strengthen Your Relationship this Weekend

Psychotherapist Gloria Segovia.

As someone who’s keen to strengthen your relationship, I’ve found that spending quality time together can make a huge difference. Here are five fun activities that can help you reconnect and bond this weekend.

1. Enjoy a Tech-Free Evening.

In our busy, tech-filled lives, it’s easy to get distracted. Setting aside an evening without screens can be incredibly refreshing.

Tips for a Tech-Free Evening:

  • Set the Mood: Light some candles and play soft music.
  • Engage in Conversation: Ask open-ended questions and really listen to each other.
  • Play a Board Game: Rediscover the joy of classic games like Scrabble or Monopoly, and other games.

Why This Helps: Disconnecting from technology allows us to fully focus on each other, fostering deeper conversations and connections.

2. Plan a Picnic in a Local Park.

Toronto, and the GTA especially, are home to many beautiful parks. A picnic is a simple yet delightful way to spend time together outdoors.

Picnic Essentials:

Item Description
Blanket Comfortable and large enough for both of us.
Snacks Fresh fruits, sandwiches, and some sweet treats.
Drinks Lemonade or other refreshing beverage.
Activities A Frisbee, book, or a deck of cards.

Why This Helps: Being in nature and enjoying a relaxed meal together can reduce stress and create a serene environment to reconnect.

3. Try a New Hobby Together.

Exploring a new hobby can be both exciting and bonding. Whether it’s cooking, painting, or hiking, learning something new together can bring a sense of accomplishment.

Popular Hobbies to Try:

  • Cooking Class: Discover new recipes and cooking techniques.
  • Painting Night: Unleash our creative sides with a paint-and-sip session.
  • Hiking: Explore nearby trails and enjoy the scenic views.

Why This Helps: Trying new activities together fosters teamwork and can reveal new interests and strengths in each other.

4. Have a Home Spa Day.

Transform our home into a relaxing spa. A little pampering can go a long way in boosting our connection.

Home Spa Essentials:

  • Candles and Essential Oils: Create a calming atmosphere.
  • DIY Facials: Use natural ingredients like honey and avocado.
  • Massages: Take turns giving each other a gentle massage.

Why This Helps: A home spa day can be a soothing experience that allows us to unwind and show care for each other’s well-being.

5. Explore Our City.

Sometimes we forget to be tourists in our own city. Exploring Toronto and the GTA with fresh eyes can be an adventure.

City Exploration Ideas:

  • Visit a New Restaurant: Try a cuisine we’ve never had before.
  • Cultural Events: Check out local museums, galleries, or festivals.
  • Walking Tour: Discover hidden gems in different neighbourhoods.

Why This Helps: Sharing new experiences in our familiar surroundings can rekindle excitement and create lasting memories.

A couple in their 40s enjoying a picnic at a park with the Toronto skyline in the background, showcasing ways to help strengthen your relationship.

By dedicating time to these activities, you can help strengthen your relationship and build a deeper connection.

Ready to take the next step? Strengthen your relationship with professional guidance. Schedule a couples counselling session with AERCS today and discover new ways to connect.

FAQs: Activities to Strengthen Your Relationship.

How can spending a tech-free evening help strengthen your relationship?

A tech-free evening allows couples to fully focus on each other without distractions. Engaging in meaningful conversations and shared activities like board games or cooking together can significantly strengthen your relationship by fostering deeper connections and understanding.

How can trying a new hobby together help strengthen your relationship?

Exploring new hobbies together, such as cooking classes, painting, or hiking, can be a fun way to bond and discover new interests. This shared experience promotes teamwork and cooperation, which can greatly strengthen your relationship.

What are the benefits of having a home spa day to strengthen your relationship?

A home spa day offers a relaxing and intimate experience for couples. By creating a calming atmosphere with candles, essential oils, and giving each other massages, you can reduce stress and show care for each other�s well-being, ultimately helping to strengthen your relationship.

Why is exploring your city beneficial for strengthening your relationship?

Playing tourist in your own city can bring excitement and novelty into your relationship. Visiting new restaurants, attending cultural events, or taking walking tours can create shared memories and experiences that help to strengthen your relationship.

How can couples counselling help strengthen your relationship?

Couples counselling provides professional guidance to address and resolve relationship issues. By working with a counsellor, you can learn effective communication and conflict resolution strategies, which are essential to strengthen your relationship. Scheduling a session with AERCS can provide the tools needed to build a stronger, healthier connection.

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Gloria Segovia

Gloria Segovia

MSW, RSW, SFBT, CRPO, GOTTMAN CERT (In motion) EFT (In motion)

Gloria Segovia, a seasoned Registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker, brings over 15 years of expertise in psychotherapy, catering to individuals, couples, and families. Specializing in addiction, relapse prevention, and couples counseling, Gloria’s eclectic approach combines best practices in trauma and recovery counseling. With a commitment to lifelong learning, she’s trained in Solution Focus Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the Gottman marital approach. Gloria’s compassionate and empathic nature ensures a safe, inclusive environment, emphasizing strengths-based therapy and collaborative partnerships with clients.

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