Support Group for Women in Recovery

AERCs is offering a FREE support group for women in recovery.

Date & Time: First Friday of every month, 6:00 to 8:00 pm.
Location: 873209 5th Line EHS, Mono, ON
Contact: Gloria Segovia, [email protected], 416 347 6445


Women in Recovery Support Group

At present (due to COVID) we use Whereby for online meetings, (every first Friday of the month).

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Support for Women in Recovery

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An Insight into the AERCS Toronto Women in Recovery Support Group

Toronto Women in Recovery (WIR) is a non-violent drug-related offenses outpatient program alternative for qualifying women facing prison terms. WIR, which is run in collaboration with the George Kaiser Family Foundation, works with the criminal justice and a variety of community partners to ensure that group members receive monitoring, substance use and mental therapeutic interventions, education, employment readiness training, and family preservation services.

The benefits of the Toronto Women in Recovery Support Group are as follows:

  • It strengthens individuals and families
  • It fixes the endless transmission of incarceration
  • It aids women who have been involved in the criminal court system to reintegrate into society as productive, tax-paying citizens
  • It is less expensive than incarceration and also enhances public security

The Toronto Women in Recovery Support Group is for women who are committed to making positive changes in their lives and being active citizens of their communities. In this Toronto Women in Recovery Program, women are assisted with overcoming drug addiction, healing from trauma, and acquiring the necessary economic, emotional, and social skills to lead successful and productive lives.

How We Help the Women in Recovery?

Women with drug use problems are more likely than males to experience various barriers to care, and they are less likely to seek care than men. Women are also more likely than men to seek treatment in psychological health or primary healthcare settings rather than specialist addiction treatment facilities.

As part of the routine to help women in recovery, women should be given sexual health care to address specific health risks. These treatments may include family planning, prevention against sexually transmitted infections, and hormonal fluctuations.

It has been discovered that using supportive therapy (e.g., compassion, connectivity, love) is more beneficial. Programs that provide childcare support can help women in recovery in entering and staying in treatment, helping them to help themselves and, as a result, their children. Some groups may seek to provide legal assistance to mothers whose children have been removed by public care. AERCS’ Help Women in Recovery Program addresses those themes that are relevant to the wellbeing of women, such as parenting programs, job training, self-esteem, accommodation, and financial freedom.

Impact of Our Women in Recovery Support

In both current addiction and abuse from addiction, women in recovery with substance use disorders (SUD) confront different challenges than men. Understanding the elements that contribute to women’s addiction makes it easier to select the finest addiction treatment clinics and increases the chances of long-term recovery.

According to research, when it relates to substance abuse and recovery, women confront unique challenges. These variables, which influence not just substance use and misuse but also healing and relapse in women, are frequently different from those in men.

With our Women in Recovery Support, individuals and families are strengthened, the endless cycle of incarceration is broken as it assists women who have been involved in the criminal justice system to function in society as responsible, tax-paying citizens. And trust us, it is more inexpensive than jail, and also improves public security. Our Women in Recovery Program encourages women in becoming more devoted to making positive changes in their life and participating in their communities as active citizens. It helps women overcome drug addiction, heal from trauma, and gain the economic, psychological, and social skills they need to live happy and productive lives.

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