Women in Recovery North York

Positive Role of AERCS’ Women in Recovery North York Program

Women in Recovery Program in North York (WIR) is a non-violent drug-related offenses outpatient program offered at AERCS for women facing prison sentences who meet certain criteria. Women in Recovery North York chapter works with the criminal justice system and a range of community partners to guarantee that members of the group receive supervision, drug use and mental treatment strategies, learning, career readiness training, and primary prevention services.

Our Women in Recovery Group in North York ensures improving women’s sexual health care as part of their daily practice to address unique health risks. Family planning, control of sexually transmitted infections, and hormonal variations are some of the treatments available.

Supportive Therapy (e.g., compassion, connectedness, and love) at AERCS is also very useful. Our Childcare Assistance Programs can similarly assist women in recovery in maintaining the quality of their children’s lives by entering and remaining in AERCS’ quality treatment programs themselves. Women’s issues, such as parenting programs, career training, self-esteem, housing, and financial freedom, are addressed by us.

According to research, women face distinct hurdles when it comes to substance usage and recovery. Women’s factors, which affect not only substance use and misuse but also recovery and relapse, are typically different from men’s.

Our Women in Recovery Services in North York help women recover from substance use disorders (SUD) both in terms of current addiction and maltreatment as a result of addiction. Understanding the factors that lead to women’s addiction makes finding the best addiction treatment facilities easier and raises the chances of long-term recovery.

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