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Esther Osarogiuwa at AERCS Therapy.

Esther Osarogiuwa

Social Worker, Master of Social Work who speaks Nigerian dialects including Bini


Multilingual: Dual-language social worker fluent in English and Nigerian dialects, with a rich Nigerian heritage.

Diverse Therapeutic Approaches: Utilizes client-centered, CBT, ACT, and talk therapy, informed by DBT, Mindfulness, and Solution Focus Therapy.

Evidence-Based Treatment: Committed to providing treatments backed by evidence, offering customized techniques for daily life challenges.

Safe & Inclusive: Provides nonjudgmental therapy sessions, promoting equality, inclusion, and diversity, ensuring clients feel safe and understood.

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Esther Osarogiuwa is a dual-language English and Nigerian dialect (including Bini) social worker who was born in Nigeria.

Esther Osarogiuwa is a Registered Social Worker and a Master of Social Work graduate from York University, in good standing with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Esther has experience working with Children, Adolescents, teens, adults, families, and couples. She�s also comfortable in community settings and has worked in disability (mental and physical) case management and helped with resource navigation for adults, youth, and families.

Esther Osarogiuwa utilizes client-centered, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), and talk therapy. She is informed in several therapeutic approaches including DBT, Mindfulness, and Solution Focus Therapy, and draws on different modalities to fit each client�s unique needs. Esther has experience working with anxiety, depression, family issues, trauma-related diagnoses, self-harm/ suicidal ideation, substance/ alcohol use, addiction, anger management, developmental disabilities, and more.

Esther is committed to providing client centered counselling that�s focused on self-awareness and the individual assessment of needs.� Esther�s work encourages self-exploration and growth. Any discomfort helps build resilience as clients identify what they are going through in their individual circumstances.

Esther Osarogiuwa is committed to evidence based treatment.

Employing evidence-based therapies and training, Esther�s approach is to offer customized techniques and strategies that clients can employ in their daily life and master as part of their everyday tool kit. This is further helped by Esther�s commitment to stay-on and assist training as coach until all goals are achieved.

Safe and�nonjudgmental�therapy sessions

Esther Osarogiuwa strives to provide therapy in a safe, and warm environment that�s free of judgement. Her help comes from a place of kindness, empathy, and support and she works with her clients in a collaborative manner so they feel engaged and can move forward in their lives.

Esther�s experience in various roles has given her the opportunity to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds. She believes it�s important to recognize and respect our many differences and she remains committed to establishing and maintaining a safe environment that promotes equality, inclusion, and diversity. As a therapist, it�s her aim to make a place where everyone feels safe unpacking their vulnerabilities and emotional burdens.

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