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Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT) is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. RPT aims to limit or prevent relapses by helping the therapy client to anticipate circumstances that are likely to provoke a relapse.

You can develop strategy to cope with these high-risk situations in advance. This is termed a relapse prevention plan. For instance, therapy clients learn that certain feelings are common triggers for relapse.

We summarize these feelings with the acronym BHALT: bored, hungry, angry, lonely, and tired. Relapse prevention therapy teaches therapy clients to be alert for these types of feelings and to have a plan of action for coping with them.

RPT also teaches clients to place relapse into the proper perspective. When a recovering person has a relapse, they frequently interpret this as a failure. A person can believe that such a “failure” is evidence of their inability to recover.

Of course, if someone believes they are unable to recover there really is no point in trying. Based on this (false) conclusion, the recovering person sees no option but to return to their addiction in earnest.

Addiction Relapse Prevention Program

RPT seeks to prevent this misinterpretation by representing relapses as prolapses. In other words, relapses are reinterpreted as opportunities for learning and improving coping skills.

This perspective serves to keep relapses as time-limited and harmless as possible. Viewed in this manner, they might be also termed “slips” or “lapses” rather than relapses.

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Addiction Relapse Prevention

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“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path” – Buddha

Say Bye to Addiction with Our RPT Program

Sobriety requires inner strength and dedication to avoid slipping back into the cycle of addiction. Our Relapse Prevention program or RPT program is a program designed to facilitate addicts and people in recovery to help them fully recover from their addictions without falling back into old habits. Everyone has a different journey to lasting recovery and there may be occasional relapses during that journey. Often people view relapses as failures that occur due to lack of willpower, weaknesses, and fundamental flaws, we see relapses as opportunities to strengthen you through your road to recovery. We don’t consider relapses as a sign of failure, instead, we see them as your struggle to recover.

We implore our patients to come back to us even if they experience any relapses. We are determined to get you started back on your recovery. Our RPT program supports every attempt you make towards getting better with optimism, enthusiasm, encouragement, and specialized care. The progress that you have made in your past is important and does not diminish in case you go through a relapse. You are never back to square one. We promote the recovery of our patients through intensive support and education.

Relapse Prevention Program to Resolve Even the Most Challenging Issues

With our Relapse Prevention Program, we offer you a supportive program led by expert addiction professionals that use a therapeutic, evidence-based approach, helping you get back on your recovery track. Our Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is designed to allow you to embrace your emotions, come face to face with your aspirations and values, and take a solid stand for yourself against negative emotions. Your therapists can assist you in recognizing your triggers and things that arouse you to relapse and they will suggest ways and methods keep them from happening. The point of a relapse prevention program is that it allows you to address your specific issues and prevent these issues altogether. With our help, you will be able to have a positive outlook on your life as well as learn the power of gratitude, accomplishments, relationships, and achievements. You will be able to embrace the good emotions and work through the bad ones. Even if you relapse multiple times, our experts will be there to help you get back up on your feet so that you can restart your journey to recovery.

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