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Joselin Zak at AERCS Therapy.

Joselin Zak

Registered Social Worker, Master of Social Work


Childhood Trauma Specialist: Joselin brings over a decade of therapeutic experience, specializes in addressing childhood trauma.

Diverse Therapeutic Methods: Utilizing mindfulness, meditation, CBT, and DBT, to foster your growth from pain and building your resilience.

Compassionate Approach: Offers a genuine curiosity in understanding your experiences, ensuring they feel validated in a non-judgmental environment.

Inclusive & Safe Environment: Committed to equality and inclusion, Joselin creates a space where clients can openly discuss vulnerabilities and emotional challenges.

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Joselin Zak specializes in childhood trauma.

Joselin Zak is a registered social worker with over a decade of therapeutic experience. She has received her Child & Youth Worker Diploma from Humber College and has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from York University, and a Master of Social Work from Laurier University, and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She’s a social worker in good standing with the Ontario College of Registered Social Workers and Social Service Workers and with the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

Joselin works through a relational therapeutic framework and takes time to understand her clients by fostering healthy relationships. She utilizes empathic strategies such as mindfulness, meditation, CBT and DBT to upset deep-rooted core beliefs. Joselin incorporates acceptance (both of self and of others) and has the compassion to help individuals live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Joselin Zak helps clients take command of the lives.

Joselin Zak utilizes more compassionate tactics to assist her clients in living more intentional and focused lives. She encourages them to directly address their challenges, and foster growth from pain and build resiliency over time. Joselin supports her clients in a quest to achieve more self awareness and find a balanced wellbeing through mind-body wellness. She’s committed to providing her patients a client centered therapy focused on self-awareness. Her clients work with her to set goals and she’s able to pull from a variety of therapeutic methodologies to best foster growth and change.

Joselin Zak offers compassion and acceptance.

Joselin brings a genuine curiosity to her work and a deep desire to understand her client’s lived experiences. She listens carefully to her clients’ stories so they feel understood and validated. By sharing stories and candid observations, she assuages their fears which helps create a supportive, compassionate, and non-judgmental environment.

Joselin strives to make a safe space for her patients.

Joselin Zak’s experience in all her different roles has given her the opportunity to learn from individuals of diverse backgrounds. She recognizes and respects the full range of human roles. In her own practice, Joselin remains committed to fostering a sense of equality and inclusion. As a therapist, she aims to foster an environment where everyone feels safe to unpack their vulnerabilities and emotional burdens.

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