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873209 5th Line EHS, Mono, Ontario, L9W 6A4
1849 Yonge St. Toronto ON Suite 502 M4S 1Y2

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Mon - Fri: 6pm - 9pm
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We’re Here to Help

We all have times when we feel overwhelmed by unexpected changes in our personal or family life, and relationships. Maybe you’re feeling isolated or failing to find a new direction for your life? Why not get help and contact AERCs?

What is happening now can be very difficult to manage on one’s own sometimes without help – this is where effective counselling comes into play! You might want some understanding from others who care about you as well so they’ll know how strongly affected those around them are feeling too during these trying phases of change (it may even make things easier). Our services also offer advice on finding loved ones who will give such empathy while also providing much needed relief through sharing stories themselves – As well as addiction recovery support!

How do I book an appointment?

Please call our office at (519) 943-1435 to schedule your appointment or ask a question (here on the contact form). We reply to all inquires about our services in a timely manner and on the same day.

When are appointments available?
Appointments are often available within a few days. Appointments start at 6pm Mon-Friday with the last appointment of the day scheduled between 8p.m. and 9p.m. For your convenience, there is free parking.
What services do you provide?

Gloria works with individuals and couples wanting to overcome life’s challenges and restore a sense of wellness and purpose to their life. Together we explore the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that affect the quality of your relationships, your life achievements and your desires for the future. Gloria offers you a safe and compassionate space to be heard.

Depending on your individual needs, we may explore principles of cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and spirituality. We may use traditional talk therapy, values and strengths-based coaching, hypnotherapy or havening. As a professor, Gloria offer psycho-educational awareness for those who wish. She is here to help you overcome the overwhelm and confusion.

Are Your Services Confidential?

Confidentiality is very important to Gloria. It is paramount that you feel like you are able to talk openly and honestly in our therapy sessions, knowing that all information discussed will be kept private.

Gloria’s professional code of ethics, under the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, clearly defines that all information you share with her is confidential and will not be communicated, directly or indirectly, to anyone without your informed and written consent. The law states that there are rare exceptions to this rule, which we will discuss during our initial consultation. Although our therapy sessions will be kept confidential, Gloria do not object to you revealing anything that we have discussed in therapy to anyone you want.

Can you provide a little of your background?

My name is Gloria R. Segovia and consider myself a narrative therapist with a clinical social work lens. I completed my B.A. in Philosophy, at York University in Toronto. My Social Work (Hons.) was received through York University. I completed my graduate studies at York University with a Master’s in Social Work. I am a registered social worker in Ontario. I entered into private practice in 2012. I specialize in client-centered psychotherapy. As a clinical social worker I work for the goals of enhancement and maintenance of physical, psychological (mental and emotional), social and spiritual well-being and functioning of individuals, families, small groups and communities

AERCs - 873209 5th Line EHS, Mono, Ontario, L9W 6A4

AERCs - 1849 Yonge Street, Suite 502, Toronto, Ontario, M4S 1Y2

Addiction Emotional Recovery Counselling Services (AERCs)